Miriam is Social Responsibility Liaison at St Andrew by Wardrobe. Her role at St Andrew’s is to link businesses in the City with social justice projects. She has a background youth and Community work and in setting up and running new initiatives such as The Pimlico Foundation. 

“I began working on Clean for Good because a woman I knew who was a cleaner told me she hadn’t been able to take a holiday for 15 years she was afraid of loosing work. I’m doing it for her and others like her. I believe Clean for Good will change people’s lives for the better.


Tim is Development Director at the Centre for Theology & Community and has a background in management consultancy and managing business operations. At CTC he works to promote the use of enterprise for the common good. CTC is a founder partner in Clean for Good. Tim is also a Trustee of Capital Mass.

“I’ve spent a year helping to get this new company off the ground because I want to change the way that cleaning is done in London. Every cleaner is worth a fair day’s pay.”