meet the team


Clean for Good is a limited company, being established by a small group of investors including local churches and charities. We are a business with a social purpose.


Miriam Goodacre

Miriam is Social Responsibility Liaison at St Andrew by Wardrobe. Her role at St Andrew’s is to link businesses in the City with social justice projects. She has a background youth and Community work and in setting up and running new initiatives such as The Pimlico Foundation. 

“I began working on Clean for Good because a woman I knew who was a cleaner told me she hadn’t been able to take a holiday for 15 years she was afraid of loosing work. I’m doing it for her and others like her. I believe Clean for Good will change people’s lives for the better.” 

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Tim is Development Director at the Centre for Theology & Community and has a background in management consultancy and managing business operations. At CTC he works to promote the use of enterprise for the common good. CTC is a founder partner in Clean for Good. Tim is also a Trustee of Capital Mass.

“I’ve spent a year helping to get this new company off the ground because I want to change the way that cleaning is done in London. Every cleaner is worth a fair day’s pay.” 



Mottershead FCA

Nick is an experienced executive and business advisor. He has led various privately backed businesses and advised many boards and senior executives of both public and private organisations around the world, including leading the Global Risk Practice for Ernst & Young. He is a chartered accountant and fellow of the ICAEW. He is a trustee at Hands of Compassion Charitable Foundation and a director of the Churches’ Mutual Credit Union. He is also an Assistant Curate at St Olave Hart Street and St Katharine Cree.

"I'm involved because we should not stand by and ignore injustice or make some excuse as to why we can't help when we have opportunity to help and make a difference to people's lives. It is also about stewardship of my time and gifts and trying to use them both appropriately for the common good"