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Clean for Good is a business with a social purpose. We are a Living Wage Employer, delivering ethical cleaning for London.

You can read more about our work and progress in our regular Blog.


Clean for Good has launched a unique Portrait Exhibition celebrating the cleaners of London. Read more about it.



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Clean for Good is an award-winning professional cleaning company for all work spaces.  Our first aim is to give you a great experience with your cleaning service. We get it right first time because we prepare our free quotes by visiting and listening to your needs and designing a personalised cleaning schedule to suit. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our account manager will work directly with you and visit regularly to ensure your standards and ours are being met.

Clean for Good is your go-to for all cleaning needs. We do:

  • Contract cleaning We’ll come regularly, same cleaner, same time, same high quality service. We clean offices, shops, community centres, churches - any workspace.

  • Pre/post event cleaning We will get your space looking its absolute best for your special guests and visitors.

  • Deep Cleaning This is the most thorough cleaning service we offer. Great for a first-time customer or after a decluttering spree.

  • End of Tenancy cleaning Leave it cleaner than before- like you were never there.

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If you need something doing, just ask us. We are here to support the good work of your organisation.

All of our cleaners are trained, uniformed, insured, friendly and most of all treated well! As a fully accredited Living Wage Employer, all of our cleaners are paid the London Living Wage and have great working conditions.

We ensure our supply-chain is as ethical as possible, including use of the UK’s best eco-friendly chemicals. We work to very high environmental standards.

By working with us, you are changing cleaners lives and changing the cleaning sector – for good.

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Our customer satisfaction is very high. Recent comments from customers (2019):

”Very pleased with an excellent, reliable and responsive service”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Clean for Good. Our office has never looked and smelt so clean. Keep up the good work, guys. We really appreciate it.”

“The service provided by Clean For Good is excellent - would recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning company who pays the London Living Wage and treats their staff with respect.”


A different kind of
cleaning company 



The cleaning sector is renowned for low wages and poor working conditions. Clean for Good is a response to this - we are a business with a social purpose. 

The company was founded in the Parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, in the City of London. When the church looked into the cleaning happening in their parish, they found a surprising number of low-paid cleaners, working in less-than fair circumstances.

Every day the City of London relies upon a small army of low-income workers to keep the City ticking over – cleaners, security guards, couriers and bar workers to name a few. Working anti-social hours, thousands are coming to work as the day-time City workers leave their desks. Some are treated well, but some less so – with low wages, poor working conditions and little scope for advancement. They have been described as the City’s ‘hidden workers’. The treatment of local cleaners stands out. 

cleaner on deep clean in London, clean for good

We continue to find this to be true. A recent employee was working for a cleaning agency that promised £8.50 an hour but actually only paid £7.50 with no apologies or explanation for the discrepancy. They also could not provide enough hours for her to make a living. These low-wage jobs demand more than just time, they take-over entire lives.

St Andrew’s decided to do something practical. Why not set up a cleaning company to provide work for cleaners with decent working conditions and paying the London Living Wage?

So that is what we do. Clean for Good enables cleaners to thrive, not just survive. Every cleaner is viewed and treated as a person with skills and potential. We want to promote the idea that cleaning is a respected and dignified career. We care about our employees and want to enable them with the skills and confidence to progress not only within our company, but in their life.

At Clean for Good we aim to provide hope for those who are tired, overworked, and underpaid. We want cleaners to have a life as well as a livelihood. 

That is why we:

  • are a fully accredited Living Wage Employer

  • directly employ our cleaners on decent terms and conditions (no zero-hours contracts)

  • invest in training, management and development

  • operate to high eco-cleaning standards - good for the planet, good for our workers

We are celebrating the work of our cleaning team with our new Portrait Exhibition in the City of London - stunning pictures introducing the public to some of London’s ‘hidden workers’.


Our ethical approach

Clean for Good has developed an ethical approach to cleaning which is integrated into every aspect of our business. As a business with a social purpose, ‘doing the right thing’ is not just a marketing slogan, it is who we are.


Living Wage Employer

Clean for Good is a fully accredited Living Wage Employer, licensed by the independent Living Wage Foundation. This means that we always pay all of our staff the London Living Wage or higher and commit to high employment standards.

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Eco-responsible cleaning

All of our regular cleaning is delivered using Delphis Eco cleaning products which have the independently certified ‘EU Ecolabel’ on them. These are effective cleaning products, and we believe that they are the best and most environment-friendly cleaning products in the UK. They are plant-based, biodegradable, animal-friendly, non-toxic and entirely made in the UK. And all included as standard in our price.

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Taxi App UK

As part of our environmental commitment, we don’t own or hire any vehicles to do our work. All staff use public transport, walking or cycling to get around and equipment is delivered direct to site. When we do need four wheels, we use Taxi App UK, a non-profit app which only uses fully licensed taxis. This is safe and all drivers are trained and properly remunerated.

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Ethical workwear

Clean for Good buys its uniforms from Ethical Workwear, a UK company which makes work clothes with a high standard of supply chain transparency on social and environmental standards.

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The Phone Coop

Clean for Good’s mobile phone contracts are with The Phone Coop, which is the UK’s only Telecoms Co-operative. The business is owned and controlled by its members.


what is the
living wage?


The Living Wage is an independently calculated hourly wage which reflects the cost of living in London

The real Living Wage is currently £10.55 per hour in London and is updated each autumn. It is a voluntary rate which employers can choose to pay. It gives workers a fair and decent rate of pay. Paying it shows the core values of the business. 

The Living Wage is overseen by the Living Wage Foundation (www.livingwage.org.uk) and is backed by the Mayor of London, Citizens UK and over 1000 employers in London who have chosen to become ‘Living Wage Employers’, including KPMG, Nationwide and Burberry. Employers are joining up every month.

The Living Wage is significantly higher than the Government’s statutory Minimum Wage, which was rebadged as the ‘national living wage’ in April 2016. The Government’s current statutory minimum is £8.21 per hour for those who are 25 or over.

Why the Living Wage is good for business

There is growing evidence from a number of independent studies that employers who pay the extra cost of a Living Wage also see a range of business benefits – including:

Lower staff turnover
Higher team morale
Higher productivity
Reputational benefits

Paying the Living Wage says something about a business’s core values and how it regards its employees, but it also has practical benefits too. 

A recent report by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) highlighted the benefits of the Living Wage to Facilities Management companies, including cleaning services.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has also fully endorsed the Living Wage: 

“Paying the London Living Wage is not just the right and moral thing to do, it makes good business sense too.  As many employers already accredited know, the benefits are clear - including increased productivity and reduced staff turnover. The London Living Wage is a fantastic campaign and I will be working to encourage more businesses across our great city to get involved." (2016)



Where we started, and
where we want to go



Clean for Good’s story began in the Parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe – a Church in the City of London in 2014.  Wanting to understand more about who worked in their parish, they asked the Centre for Theology & Community to undertake some grassroots research. They found a surprising number of low-paid workers, often working in poor conditions. 

Every day the City of London relies upon a small army of low-income workers to keep the City ticking over – cleaners, security guards, couriers and bar workers to name a few. Working anti-social hours, thousands are coming to work as the day-time City workers leave their desks. Some are treated well, but some less so – with low wages, poor working conditions and little scope for advancement. They have been described as the City’s ‘hidden workers’. The treatment of local cleaners stood out. 

St Andrew’s decided to do something practical. Why not set up a cleaning company to provide work for cleaners – paying the London Living Wage and providing decent working conditions?

The new business would benefit low-income residents of the City and its surrounding communities

Why should cleaning be a sector where workers just survive? Why not a cleaning business whose workers thrive?

The parish’s Social Responsibility Liaison Miriam Goodacre led the project, secured a grant from the Corporation of London for a feasibility study and in 2014 won a Dragon’s Den competition, organised by the Church Mission Society (CMS). This gave her access to training and support in developing the business idea. In fact, CMS were so interested in the idea they became a founder investor. And Miriam has been recognised for her work (read more here).

Early in 2015, the Parish asked the Centre for Theology & Community to work as a partner in developing the business plan and launching the business. In 2016 the Centre took on full project management of developing and launching the business. The Centre is a founder investor.

Clean for Good launched in early 2017.


Meet our team

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our founder investors

The company was established by a small group of investors, led by local churches and Christian charities. Our social purpose is ‘locked in’ because these charitable investors have control of the company, and always will.

The Parish of St Andrew by the Wardrobe, City of London

Centre for Theology & Community

Church Mission Society (CMS)

Any profits will be reinvested in the business or may be distributed back to our shareholders, who are mainly charities.

We have also benefited from the advice and support of numerous organisations and individuals as well as development grants from the Corporation of London and the Parish of St Sepulchres, City of London.

our management team

Our company is run by a small team of managers from an office in east London.

Between us we have many years experience of cleaning, business and management.

Together, we are building something new which is good for customers, good for cleaners and good for London.


Our lovely customers

We work with many businesses, public bodies, charities and churches. We clean offices, historic buildings and community centres. These are just some of our customers. Each one is making a positive difference to London’s cleaners by working with us. If you’d like to join in, just get in touch!


Lets talk about it

Clean for Good would love to work with you. If you would a free quotation or would like to discuss
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