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In London, every morning, tens of thousands of office workers commute in to work for the many businesses and charities that make this city tick.

At the same time, thousands of cleaners are heading the other way, back to their homes or on to their next jobs. They are part of London’s ‘hidden army’ of workers. They also make this city tick, but are rarely seen and their work is often under-valued.  

London’s cleaners provide an essential service to almost every organisation in this city. Cleaning is one way we care for a space - because we care for the people who use that space.

But many cleaners in London today continue to earn less than a living wage, and many more earn little respect for their work.  

So, this exhibition is dedicated to the cleaners of London.

These portraits show a selection of Clean for Good’s own growing team of cleaners. They offer a brief snapshot of the thousands of men and women who emptied our bins and mopped our floors today.  They volunteered to participate – we did not select them – and they chose which stories to share with you. They talk about family, home and study, food, travel and fun. 

All of them have their own stories, their own talents, their own hopes and fears for the future. They are a hugely diverse group of people, of all ages and backgrounds, from all around the world as well as the UK.

Next time you see them, do say hello.

And let’s work for the day when every cleaner in London is paid a real living wage and receives respect for their work.

Do you know who emptied your bins at work today? Is it time to find out?

If you would like to join the growing movement who are bringing a fair deal to London’s hidden workers, then do get in touch with us.

Our Portraits

All portraits were taken in March 2019 by Rosie Wedderburn, a professional photographer who specialises in portraits. Copyright of all images is owned by Clean for Good Ltd/Rosie Wedderburn. Please do not use images without prior permission.

The portraits were taken in the Menier Penthouse, a rooftop studio owned by one of Clean for Good’s customers and available for hire for photo shoots and events.

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Clean for Good is a different kind of cleaning company  

We are a business with a social purpose

Clean for Good delivers a full range of cleaning services to commercial and community premises – from offices and shops to community centres and churches.

We also value and respect our cleaners. We want to change cleaning for good - from a last resort job to one that is truly valued.  As an accredited Living Wage Employer we provide dignified work, fair pay and respect because we believe that cleaning matters and cleaners matter too:

·         we pay cleaners fairly at the London Living Wage (or more) for every hour worked

·         we directly employ them, providing full employment benefits such as paid sick leave, paid annual leave and a decent pension

·         we manage them professionally and invest in their training and development

 Clean for Good also cleans to the highest environmental standards, using the most eco-friendly certified cleaning products in the UK.

Clean for Good was established by a group of churches and Christian charities. Churches have been at the heart of the living wage movement since it began. 

Clean for Good seeks to be a business which is good for our customers, good for cleaners and good for London.  We want to be London's best cleaning company, and we are delighted to have been recognised as a NatWest Top100 Social Business 2019.

Please do get in touch, we would love to discuss how we can work with you.