'Eco cleaning' - optional extra or global emergency?

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“We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. We are in a life or death situation of our own making. We must act now.”

(Extinction Rebellion, 2019)

Our world is under serious environmental strain. Few would disagree with this. The eco-activists Extinction Rebellion have gone further and called it an ‘emergency’ and say this:

“The air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we plant in, the food we eat, and the beauty and diversity of nature that nourishes our psychological well-being, all are being corrupted and compromised…We must act while we still can.”

Every individual and organisation needs to take responsibility for reducing their environmental impact. As a responsible business, we have sought to do this and to deliver the highest standards in the cleaning sector.

Eco cleaning: setting a new standard

It can be difficult to know what cleaning chemicals are really ‘eco-friendly’. There is a lot of ‘greenwash’ in the market place, with manufacturers making environmental claims but without much supporting evidence.

So Clean for Good has committed to using only the most rigorously tested and environmentally responsible chemicals in our day-to-day cleaning for our clients. This will benefit not only the environment, but also our cleaners and our customers.

We now use a handful of cleaning products made by Delphis Eco which have the independently certified ‘EU Ecolabel’. The label is important: these products are the gold standard for ‘eco cleaning’, meeting the highest environmental standards in Europe. Our new products are:

  • Plant-based and fully biodegradable, not containing phosphates or other slow-to-degrade chemicals

  • People-friendly not containing any toxic VOCs

  • Animal-friendly, so safe for pets and cruelty-free, not tested on animals

  • Recycled, the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic

  • British, entirely sourced and made in the UK to minimise transport energy usage

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We have also tested each product that we use and are confident that they are effective for professional cleaning. (In our experience, not all ‘eco products’ actually work well.)

Our prices to clients are fully inclusive of all cleaning supplies so our use of the best eco-cleaning products in the UK now comes as standard for every Clean for Good customer, for no extra charge.

Our environmental commitment

Our commitment to environmental responsibility also goes beyond choosing the right cleaning products:

  • Less waste - we reduce packaging waste by using refillable bottles, wherever possible.

  • Less chemicals - We train our team to dilute chemicals appropriately, to maximise efficiency. Our cleaners also know when not to use any chemicals at all. For some surfaces, there is clear evidence that a quality microfibre cloth, used correctly, is more effective at removing dirt than using a traditional detergent spray. These practices are now being used by the NHS, recognising their effectiveness.

  • Less fossil fuels - We have sought to minimise our carbon footprint through the way that we have organised our business. Our staff only use public transport, cycling and walking - Clean for Good does not own or hire any vehicles of its own. Our cleaning supplies and equipment are also delivered direct from suppliers to customers, minimising the need for transport.

New businesses bringing ‘change for good’

One of the many things we like about Delphis Eco products is also the company that makes them.

Only ten years old, Delphis Eco UK is a young British company which has developed a new generation of chemicals which meet the highest environmental standards in Europe and which are also very effective. And they are entirely made in the UK.

As a testament to their achievement, they have secured two Royal Warrants from HM the Queen and the Prince of Wales, so these chemicals are literally ‘fit for a Queen’.

We do love a business with an ambitious vision for changing our world for the better – “cleaning with a clean conscience” is how they put it. Their values drive their business in every way.

That’s exactly what Clean for Good aspires to achieve too.

We want to change the cleaning sector for good – bringing fairness and dignity for every cleaner. And that principle of fairness drives our desire to achieve environmental responsibility too – fair for future generations too.

Good for customers, good for cleaners and good for our children too.

Clean for Good is an ethical cleaning company for London, cleaning offices and workspaces across the city. It is a Living Wage Employer, it directly employs its cleaners and it trains and manage its cleaners professionally. Founded in a church in the City of London, it launched in 2017 and continues to grow.

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Tim Thorlby is the Managing Director of Clean for Good. You can find him at @TimThorlby.