Face to face with the cleaners of London

Clean for Good Portrait Exhibition Flier.jpg

Clean for Good has created a new and unique Portrait Exhibition to celebrate the work of London’s cleaners - To See or Not to See? Face to face with the cleaners of London

A selection of stunning specially-commissioned black and white photographic portraits are on show to the public from Monday 24th June in the City of London.

The exhibition was devised by Clean for Good and is being hosted by one of our first customers – St Sepulchre’s Church. It is free and open to the public. The portraits are of some of Clean for Good’s own team of cleaners who volunteered to take part. The pictures were taken by Rosie Wedderburn, a professional photographer.

At the heart of Clean for Good’s purpose is our ambition to see the perception of cleaners change within the market place. Often out of sight and forgotten, they are part of London’s hidden army of workers who actually make this city ‘tick’ each day.

They are neither heroes nor victims, just ordinary people with hopes and dreams, just like everyone else. We believe that they all deserve a living wage and dignity at work. That is why we do what we do. They represent the thousands of cleaners who work in London – day and night - to make our city clean and safe.

Do you know who emptied your bins today? Is it time to find out?

Come and meet the cleaners of London.

And Clean for Good will continue to work for the day when every cleaner is paid a living wage and has respect at work. Good for customers, good for cleaners and good for London.

Clean for Good is an ethical cleaning company for London, cleaning offices and workspaces across the city. It is a Living Wage Employer, it directly employs its cleaners and it trains and manage its cleaners professionally. Founded in a church in the City of London, it launched in 2017 and continues to grow.

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Tim Thorlby is the Managing Director of Clean for Good. You can find him at @TimThorlby.